Donation Request

Bike Rack is delighted to donate beer to charitable events as a way of giving back to our community. We will review all of the donation requests that come in through the online form, as long as they follow the guidelines below. If we decide it’s a good fit, we’ll let you know! We’ll do our best to help folks out, but cannot make any guarantees.

If you have a donation or sponsorship request, please read the guidelines, then fill out and submit the form below.

Bike Rack Donation Guidelines:

To stick to our values and support organizations that align with our own, we’ve created some guidelines to help us help you. Let’s help each other.

We love to see people drinking beer- it’s one of the reasons we went into the business- but please remember that we are a business and can’t give beer away for every and any event.

Donation requests must be placed at least 30 days prior to the date of your event. Once we review your request, we will get back to you with a decision.


  • Education
  • Arts and Culture
  • Environment
  • Human Services


  • Individuals and private fundraisers
  • Political organizations/campaigns
  • Religious activities
  • Children’s groups
  • Athletes/recreational teams

Additional Details:

If your event is less than 30 days away, it will automatically be declined.

All donation requests must be submitted online. We do not accept paper or in-person donation requests.

The organization must provide a liquor license (and proper permitting where applicable) in order to receive any donation of beer.

You will be notified via email whether your request has been approved or denied within two to three weeks of submitting your request.

All donations must be picked up at the 8th Street Market Location. Donation pickup times must be prearranged and at least four days in advance. No exceptions.

We do not provide staff to work the event or deliver donations.

Donation Request Form